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Contractor tips: Make your brand stand out in 5 ways.

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

1. Provide Testimonials.

In the age of social media and online reviews direct feedback is a necessity as well as word of mouth which is still a powerful tool for homeowners looking for home improvement professionals. Including testimonials from past customers in your bid will show your potential client that you stand by your work and collaborate well with your customers.

2. Guarantee Your Work.

One of the biggest fears among homeowners beginning a home improvement project is hiring the wrong pro. Guaranteeing your work in your bid will alleviate your potential customer’s worries and show that you take pride in your work.

3. It's Not Always About Prices Alone.

Including an outline of your expertise, a description of your approach and a rough breakdown of the prices in your bid will give your potential client insight into your methods and experience.

4. Provide Knowledge.

The reality is that most potential clients don’t understand the technical side of home improvements. Bringing an understanding of the materials, methods and potential challenges of the project to the bidding phase of the job will show your client that you know your craft — and most importantly — know his or her project.

5. Explain your Logistics.

Detailing the project and explaining thoroughly is a necessity. Completing a home improvement project requires the coordination of several pros. Outlining who will be working on the project, when and in what capacity will help your potential client understand your approach to the job and whom to expect around his or her house.

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